Areas of Practice






Banking and Finance Law


Consultancy for legal aspects of all matters and practice areas involving domestic and international banking and finance law, international portfolio management, international project finance, individual financial transactions, treasury funding and settlement operations, securities, derivatives futures and options regulations, securitization, loans.


Strong and effective litigation activities for the settlement of all kinds of disputes regarding financial markets.





Mergers and Acquisitions


Consultancy in M&A transactions, joint ventures, spin-offs, restructuring.





Commercial Law, Corporate Law


All issues related to Contracts, Incorporation, Partnerships, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Composition, Debt Collection, Leasing, Franchising Law & Practice, Distribution and Licensing Agreements, Local and International Commercial Agreements, Transportation, Logistics Agreements, Equipment Finance and Leasing, Property and Real Estate Law, Employment Agreements. All kinds of litigation and alternative dispute resolution concerning corporate matters.




Foreign Investment Law, International Trade


Representing foreign companies investing in Türkiye, the establishment of joint ventures, branch offices, liaison offices, agencies, distributors and subsidiaries, foreign investment structuring in Türkiye, representing clients before governmental bodies for investment approvals and incentives. Cross border investments, emerging markets, financial services, institutional investment, investment banking, offshore investment, private equity, venture capital. Also, related business residency permits, work permits.





Government Contracts, Privatization


International bids, concessions, public procurement, tenders and bids. Privatization projects in Türkiye, energy projects, telecommunication projects, build-operate-transfer and build-operate projects, opinions regarding the privatization and relevant legislation.





Energy Law


Consultancy work on electricity, natural gas, energy acquisitions, project finance and development, and energy regulations.





Property and Real Estate Law, Leases and Leasing, Planning or Land Use


Consultancy work on Land Development projects, all kinds of disposals and transfers of property, the establishment of real estate investment trusts, liens, and mortgages, commercial leasing, landlord and tenant law, leasehold law, building permits, regulations. Litigation activities for the settlement of all kinds of disputes regarding property and lease contracts.





Construction Law


Consultancy and litigation work for international and public construction contracts, tenders, and bids, and financing of such.





Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law


Environmental liability, litigation, protection, hazardous materials and waste, pollution and soil pollution. Mining, minerals, oil and gas.





Employment Law


Pursuing all kinds of employment disputes and lawsuits of companies and consultancy regarding employment law and legislation.





Inheritance Law


Estate Administrating, pursuing estate lawsuits, providing opinion regarding Inheritance Law, heredity, succession and performing dispute resolutions, rendering consultancy services regarding Inheritance Law, drafting of wills.







General Civil Trial and Appellate Practice, General Litigation for commercial and personal disputes.

Criminal law, criminal defence litigation for economic and personal crimes.